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 Major Courses Provided by JUST

I. School of Science

1.       Information Technology and Computer Science

 Major courses:

 Mathematics Foundation (Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Analytic Geometry), Probability Statistics, Mathematics Modeling, Physics, Computer Foundation (Programming Language, Algorithms and Data Structure, Software Engineering), Numerical Computing Methods, Computer Graphics, Operational Research and Optimization, Data Base Principle

2.       Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Major Courses: Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Functions of Real Variables, Functional Analysis, Functions of Complex Variables, Analytic Geometry, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Ordinary Differential Equation, Modern Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Operational Research, Mathematics Modeling, Numerical Computing Methods, Programming Language, College Physics, Mathematical Finance, Actuarial Science, Modern Economics, Monetary Finance, International Finance, Stock Investment Principles, Computational Economics, Financial Engineering

3.      Electronic Information Technology

Major Courses:

Principle of Circuit Analysis, Simulated Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, Communication Principles, Computer Technology Foundation, Foundation of Software Technology, Mathematics Foundation, Physics Foundation, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Internet Technology

4. Social Physical Culture

Major Courses:

Sports Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Sport Sociology, Survey for Social Sports, Sports Management, Survey for Body Building, Sports Economics, Sports Marketing, Sports Health Care, Health Preservation Studies, Theory and Practices for Body Building and Recreation by Sporting Activities


II. School of Economics and Management

1.      Project Management (Project Pricing Management)

 Major Courses:

Building Architecture, Architecture Design, Technology and Planning of Building Operation, Civil Work Computation, Computation for Installation Engineering, Engineering Economics, Project Management, Project Pricing Management, Real Estate Management, Computer Technology Foundation




2.      Project Management(Real Estate Management)

Major Courses:

Management, Economics, Accounting, Financial Management, Project Economics, Building Architecture, Technology and Planning of Building Operation, Real Estate Project Management, Real Estate Business, Investment and Finance of Real Estate Management, Real Estate Evaluation, Property Management, Real Estate Marketing, Residential Community Planning, Bidding and Contracting Management



Major courses:

Management, Western Economics, Finance, Statistics, Economic Law, Accounting Principles, Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Cost Accounting, Finance Management, Management Accounting, Taxation Law and Accounting, Auditing, Accounting Information System, Enterprise’s Strategic and Risk Management

3.      Marketing

Major courses:

Management Principles, Marketing, Strategic Management, Financial Management, Production Performance Management, Human Resource Management, Organization Behavior, Consumption Psychology, Marketing Study, Strategic Planning for Marketing, Marketing Planning, Advertising, Business Negotiation, Customer Management

4.      Finance

Major courses: western Economics, Political Economics, Statistics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Banking Science, Stock Investment, Insurance, Commercial Bank Management, Investment Banking, International Finance

5. E-Business

Major courses:

Management Principles, Western Economics, Introduction of E-Business, E-Business Property Management, Web-Programming, Management Information System, Internet Technology, Analysis and Design for E-Business System, E-Payment and Business Security, Internet Marketing, International Trade

III. School of Information Technology

1. Computer Science and Technology

Major courses:

Electro-circuit, Simulated Electronic Technology, Digital Circuit and Logic Design, Assembly Language, Computer Constructive Principle, PC Principle and Interfacing Technology, Advanced Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure, Operating System, Internet Technology, Fundamentals of Compiling, Soft Engineering, Database System, Principles and Application of Singlechip


2. Electronic Information Engineering

Major Courses:

Electro-circuit, Simulated Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, High Frequency Electronic Circuit, Communication Principles, Optical Fiber Communication Principles, Information Theory and Encoding, Signaling and System Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Electronic Magnetic Field and Wave, Principles for Digital SPC Exchange, PC Principle and Interfacing Technology, Single Chip Principles and Application, Data Structure, Operating System, Database Principles, Digital Image Processing, Internet Technology


3.      Internet Technology

Major courses:

Circuit Analysis, Simulated Electronic Technology, Digit Electronic Technology, Computer Components and Structure, PC Principles and Interfacing Technology, Data Structure, Operating System, Database System, Communication Principles, Signaling and System, JAVA Programming, PC Internet, Internet Planning and Design, Comprehensive Wiring System, Wireless Internet Technology, Internet Security, Internet Management and Maintenance


4.      Communication Engineering

Major Courses:

  Foundations for Circuit Analysis, Simulated Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, Principles and Application of Programmable Logic Device, Communication Circuits, Electromagnetic Field and Wave, Microwave Technology and Antenna, C/C++ Programming, Object-oriented Programming, PC Principles and Assembly Programming, Computer Internet, Principles and Application of Single Chip, Embedded System and Its Application, Principles and Application of DSP Processor, Signaling and System Analysis, Information Theory and Encoding, Digital Signaling Processing, Digital Image Processing, Acoustic Signaling Processing, Theoretical Foundation for Communication Internet, Modern Digital Exchange Technology, Communication Principles, Portable Communication Principles, Optical Fiber Communication Principles, Broad Band Digital Internet, Satellite Communication Technology


5.      Software Technology

Major Courses:

Computer Component Principles, Software Engineering, Software System Structure, Discrete Mathematics, JAVA Programming, Computational Analysis and Design, Software Testing, Java EE Advanced Programming, Linux System Programming, Organization and Management of Software Project, Internet, Data Structure, Database System, Operating System, Compiling Principles


6 Optical Information Technology

Major Courses:

Method of Mathematic Physics, Circuit, Electro Technology, Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Optics, Optical Experiments, Laser Principles and Technology, Optical Fiber Optics, Optical Electronics, Signaling and System, Digital Signal Processing, PC Principles and Interfacing Technology, Communication Principles, Optical Fiber Communication Technology, Photo-electric Detection Technology



IV. School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering


1. Mechanical Engineering and Automation

Main courses: Mechanical Principles, Mechanical Design, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Mechanical Drawing, Mechanical Design Basis, Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical Engineering Material, Computer Theory and Application, Stamping Process and Die Design.


2. Automation

Main courses: Computer Languages, Circuits, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics Technology, Modern Detection Technology, Electrical and Drag, Power Electronics, Signal and System Analysis, Automatic Control Theory, Modern Control Theory, Intelligent Control Theory, Automatic Control Systems, Computer Theory and Programming, Microcomputer Control Technology, PLC Theory and Applications, Embedded Systems Technology.


3. Electrical Engineering and Automation

Main courses: Circuits, Electronics, Motor and Drag, Power Electronics, Signal and System, Programmable Logic Controller, Automatic Control Theory, Electric Drive Control, Electrical Engineering, Computer Theory and Programming, Computer Control Technology.


4. Survey Control

Main courses: Basic Circuit Analysis, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Signals and Systems, Monitoring and Control Circuit, Automatic Control Theory, Sensor Technology, Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology, SCM Principles and Applications, Instrumentation and Process Control, Programmable Logic Controller Principles and applications, Computer Control Technology, Intelligent Instrument Design Technology, Measurement and Control Equipment Design, Optics, Mechanical Design Basis.


5. Industrial Engineering

Main courses: Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Design, Mechanical manufacturing base, management theory, operations research, systems engineering, basic industrial engineering, facilities planning and logistics analysis, production planning and control, ERP theory and applicationmodeling and simulation of production systemsmodern manufacturing systems, quality engineering.


6. Traffic Engineering

Main courses: Circuit, Control Theory, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Computer Theory and Interface Technology, Database Technology and Applications, SCM Principles and Interface Technology, Operations Research, Traffic Management and Control, Transportation Planning, Automatic Detection of Traffic, Traffic Engineering Facilities Design, Geographic Information Systems and ApplicationTraffic Engineering CAD, Traffic Safety and Traffic Laws,


7. Electronic Science and Technology

Main Courses: Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Computer Languages, Circuit Theory, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, High-frequency Circuits, Communication Circuits, Electromagnetic Field and Wave, Signals and Systems, Quantum Mechanics, CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Analysis and Design, the Sensor Principle and the Design Basis, Optoelectronics and Photonics Principles and Applications.





V.  School of Material and Mechanical Engineering


1. Metal Material Engineering

Main courses: Material Thermodynamics, Materials Science, Principles of Metal Forming, Metal Heat Treatment, Materials Testing Technology, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Metals, Metal Smelting and Casting, Metal Forming Processes, Materials Processing and Forming Equipment, Computer Applications in Materials Engineering.


2. Metallurgical Engineering

Main courses: Colored (Steel) Metallurgy Principle, (Metallurgy) Physical Chemistry, Non-Ferrous metal metallurgy, steel metallurgy, metal science, metallurgical plant design basis, Theory and equipment of Chemical Engineering, Separation Science and Engineering.


3. Rare Earth Engineering

Main Courses: Metallurgy Principles, and Rare Earth Minerals Processing, Rare Earth Separation Science, Hydrometallurgy, and Rare Earth Materials Application, Rare Earth Chemistry, Melting Electrolysis, Rare Earth Materials, Powder Metallurgy, Vacuum Metallurgy, Metallurgy Equipment, Rare Earth Plant Design Basis and the Application of Computer in Rare Earth Engineering.


4. Inorganic nonmetal materials

Main courses: Inorganic Materials Science, Physical Properties of Inorganic Materials, Inorganic Materials Technology, Materials Engineering Basis, Powder Engineering, Materials Testing Technology, Inorganic Materials Thermal Equipment, Inorganic Materials Plant Design, Special Ceramics, Process Course Design, Crystallography and so on.

5. Chemical Engineering and Technology

Main courses: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry and so on.



6. Biological Engineering

Main courses: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Fermentation Engineering and Technology, Bio-separation Engineering, Enzyme Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology Technology, Food Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Bio-engineering Equipment, Detection and Control of Biological Engineering.

7. Materials Chemistry

Main courses: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Materials Science, Surface Chemistry, Polymer Materials, Functional Materials, New Materials Technology, Materials Characterization and Applications.


8. Materials Physics

Main courses: Physics, Solid State Physics, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science, Materials Science, Principles of Materials Heat Treatment Technology, Materials Research and Testing Methods, Materials Physics.

9. Material Modeling and Control Engineering

Main course: Mechanics, Materials Thermodynamics, Materials Science, Metal Heat Treatment, Metal Plastic Forming Principle, Rolling Theory and Technology, Profiles Rolling Process and Pass Design, Molding Process Quality Control, Mechanical Design Basis, Materials Molding Equipment and Control, Metal Pressure Processing Plant Design.







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6,000 freshmen registered in the 3 campuses of JXUST
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