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Comprehensive Undergraduate Training Plan
Exchange Student Programmes
Programs for Master's Degree
Programs for Doctoral Degree
Programs for Professional Degree
Graduate Education Office
Office of Degree Authorization
Office of Professional Degree Programs
Division of Graduate's Affairs
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Comprehensive Undergraduate Training Plan

School Specialty
School of Architectural and Surveying& Mapping Engineering Surveying & Mapping Engineering
Civil Engineering
Urban Planning
Water Supply & Drainage Engineering
Geographic Information System
Resources Environment & Urban and Rural Planning and Management
Built Environment and Plant Engineering
School of Economics & Management Engineering Management(Engineering Cost Management)
Engineering Management(Real Estate Investment and Management)
Marketing Management
School of Foreign Studies English
Internatinal Business
School of Information Engineering Computer Science and Technology
Electronic Information Engineering
Network Engineering
Communication Engineering
Computer Software
Optic Information Science and Technology
School of Liberal Arts and Law Law
Industrial Design
Art Design
Political Science and Public Administration
Digital Media Art
Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language
School of Materials and Chemical Engineering  Metallic Materials Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Rare-earth Engineering
Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering
Chemical Engineering and Technology
Materials Chemistry
Materials Physics
Material Modeling and Control 
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering  Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Electrical Engineering and Automation
Measurement and Control
Measurement &Control Technology and Instrument
Industry Engineering
Traffic Engineering
Electronics Science and Technology
School of Resources and Environmental Engineering Mining Engineering
Mineral Processing Engineering
Safety Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Geological Engineering
School of Science Information and Computating Science
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Electronic Information Science and Technology
Social Physical Education
School of Software Software Engineering(Software Development)
Software Engineering (Mechanical and Electronic)
Software Engineering (Metallurgical Engineering)
Software Engineering (Accounting)
Software Engineering (Engineering Management)
Software Engineering (Network Engineering)

Hot News
Staff conference in the new semester
6,000 freshmen registered in the 3 campuses of JXUST
A research project of JXUST awarded provincial first prize
Faculty congress convened in the Hongqi Campus
JXUST signs cooperation agreement with Isoftstone
Staff conference in the new semester
6,000 freshmen registered in the 3 campuses of JXUST
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